A new wire-free home automation and monitoring system can now transform any house or apartment into an intelligent home. Ingeny@home brings together domestic electrical systems and devices to help effectively manage and check lighting, heating, CCTV, smoke alarms and leak detection, as well as operating window blinds and multi-room audio solutions. Using the latest wireless technology, it is the most cost-effective system of its kind currently available at just a quarter of the price of a traditional, hardwired home automation solution.

The intuitive and easy to use Ingeny@home app is suitable for a range of smartphones and tablets, combining all home automation needs into a single interface. Simple icons allow one-click monitoring and management of different aspects of the home for added control of everyday life and essential functions. It can be used from any room, or remotely when out, to operate and interact with home electrics or create a command where the system will complete a task automatically.

Ingeny@home provides responsive control and proactive monitoring. Alerts are received if there is unexpected activity such as movement, smoke and water leaks when out, while heating and lighting can be remotely checked to see if they have been left on and then controlled as required. CCTV can also be added to the solution to confirm the safety of the home.

Ingeny@home uses Z-Wave wireless technology, which operates a “mesh network” that uses repeating signals to deliver a reliable solution throughout a building or property. The wide range of sensors, control modules and wall plugs attach effortlessly and discreetly to existing home fittings, utilities and electricals, communicating with the central control system to monitor and manage the home environment. They can be fitted in a matter of minutes, with no additional wiring and drilling, and all sensors have a battery-life of up to five years.

With Ingeny@home, the interface communicates directly with your router, so unlike some other home automation systems on the marketplace no personal data is accessed, collected or analysed via the cloud. It offers a secure and reliable service, therefore in the event of a power failure, once power is resumed it will be possible to control the home from a smart device without having to worry about any programming adjustments or changes.

The ambient level of heating can be controlled throughout the home, or alternatively individual schedules by areas or room can be created for different situations, occupation or time of the year. The heating can be turned on and off using a smartphone and tablet, whether at home or away, and remotely-managed schedules can be set up for hot water, holidays and frozen pipe protection.

Switch internal and external lights on or off from a mobile device from anywhere. In fact, it is possible to use Ingeny@home to create personal lighting moods and scenarios, or even simulate occupancy when out or on holiday. The sensors are fitted hidden from view to light switches, so there is no need to buy any costly smart bulbs or replace existing fittings. Once connected to the Ingeny@home system, occupants will have complete control of lighting and all fittings will become instantly dimmable.

Compact and discreet motion sensors not only detect if someone is in the room, they can also determine temperature and lighting levels. These sensors can identify when it is evening and automatically increase brightness of your lighting or raise an alert for any suspicious movement when away. Furthermore, by combining motion and lighting sensors low-level safety lighting can be automatically turned on for when residents or guests get up during the night to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water or investigate a noise.

An aesthetically pleasing and discreet smoke and temperature monitoring sensor can be placed anywhere in the home. If the amount of smoke is not enough to trigger the alarm it can still detect a rapid change of temperature and generate an alert. Meanwhile, the wireless flood sensor provides total peace of mind for your plumbing and white goods, with advanced warning of even the smallest leak. This clever sensor can reach inaccessible or hard to reach areas, so it is possible to react quickly to a problem.

Julie Oakley, General Manager at Ingeny commented: “Ingeny@home is the most simple and efficient way to get home automation and take advantage of the added simplicity, convenience and enjoyment it provides. The system has been designed to use the latest wireless technology, which means it delivers highly responsive control and proactive monitoring with straightforward and hassle-free installation.”

Ingeny provides advanced home automation and entertainment systems that make everyday life easier by combining familiar technology systems that work seamlessly together. The company is part of security systems and building technology integrator Interphone, a company based in North West London with over 50 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining electronic control technology in commercial residential properties.