Interphone, the leading security systems and building technology integrator, has completed an access control and roller shutter solution for Riverside West Car Park in Wandsworth, South West London. The installation is designed to enhance safety and protection for the underground car park’s customers and their belongings, with plans to extend the project into other areas of the site moving forward and incorporate a new CCTV system.

The solution was implemented in two phases, including all pre-wiring and installation requirements in order to upgrade existing security features. The high-security roller shutter replaces an aging door that no longer provided the necessary usability and protection having been in operation for a number of years, while the traditional lock and key access to the car park’s bicycle cages has been updated to a fob-based access control system.

The roller shutter has been installed at the top of a ramp leading down into the basement, to provide added peace of mind to customers whose cars are located in this area that only authorised people can gain access. Similarly, the access control system, fitted on the outside of two bicycle cages, will better manage who is able to enter these restricted areas and at the same time streamline the processes involved in granting permission. Historically, with the traditional lock and key access, it had proved difficult to monitor who went in and out of the cages at any given time.

In fact, the control system will save time and reduce hassle to both customers and the onsite car park attendant. With the previous system, customers were required to visit the car park management office to sign for a key to the appropriate cage and then return it once they had retrieved. This not only wasted their time, but also meant the attendant always needed to be available and within close proximity to the office.

With the new system, key fobs will be issued to authorised individuals, providing simple and instant access to cages, while enabling the attendant to be away from the office to patrol the site and free up time to better assist customers. Meanwhile, the car park operator will now have complete visibility of all movements in and out of restricted areas with electronically-captured data from the key fob.

Katie Finnamore, Director of Riverside West Car Park commented: “The best aspects of the solution is the added control and protection we can achieve. We believe it has made the car park to be more safe and secure, enabling us to effectively manage access to certain areas as well as being able to restrict access should we need to. It has been an extremely positive experience in partnership with Interphone and we have certainly benefitted from their considerable experience and expertise.”