Interphone, the security systems and building technology integrator, has launched a range of lighting solutions that will enable property developers, managing agents and facilities managers to take advantage of LED and induction lighting. With the latest lighting systems able to reduce associated energy costs by up to 90 per cent the company has created a rental solution, as an alternative to outright sale, that will typically match the annual costs to the savings achieved. As a result, lack of available capital should no longer be a barrier to adopting this highly-efficient technology.

The light solutions are suitable for any retrofit or new build development, across all communal areas such as walkways, corridors, stairwells and car parks, and can be tailored in line with precise timescales and environment settings. For example, LED 14-watt fittings with optional built in microwave and day/night sensors can be installed to detect lighting levels, heat and movement to deliver a highly-effective solution that also minimises usage. Meanwhile, each fitting can include an emergency battery back-up to comply with BS 5266 emergency lighting regulations.

Interphone has developed a rental package, with no upfront investment and including full maintenance support, whereby the cost of re-lamping is paid over a five-year period. With proven savings of between 60 and 90 per cent, it is expected that the cost of re-lamping can be covered by the reduction in energy bills. In fact, the company is offering a non-obligation survey that will outline the achievable benefits in terms of total energy savings; total maintenance savings; increased lighting availability; total carbon savings; and total carbon footprint reduction.

Julian Synett, Managing Director of Interphone commented: “LED and induction lighting have represented a significant breakthrough in recent years providing greater efficiency and lifespan than conventional lighting systems. Despite offering a brighter light for less power, the relatively high cost has previously discouraged the adoption of this innovative technology, so we have created a solution that offers all the benefits without the restrictive upfront investment.”